Keith and Kristian are joined by Don Bassingthwaite, author of The Dragon Below and Legacy of Dhakaan trilogies of Eberron novels, to study the culture and history of the Dar.

Time Markers

  1. 00:00:00 – Introduction
  2. 00:02:17 – Readings:
  3. 00:05:54 – Advanced Goblins
  4. 00:08:33 – Humanized but Still Very Different from Humans
  5. 00:16:30 – Lawful Nature Contrasted with Orcs
  6. 00:18:44 – Dhakaani Lacking Faith-based Magic
  7. 00:24:02 – Don’s Inspiration for Legacy of Dhakaan
  8. 00:25:22 – The Feel of Cultural Depth
  9. 00:26:16 – Physical Presence of Goblinoid History
  10. 00:29:51 – For GMS
  11. 00:30:35 – Don’t Fall Back on Traditional Lore
  12. 00:31:25 – Goblinoids Don’t See Themselves as Villains
  13. 00:32:20 – Ancestral Dhakaani Ruins and Artifacts
  14. 00:35:57 – Subvert Assumptions
  15. 00:38:02 – Goblinoids as a Playable Race
  16. 00:40:30 – Goblinoid Character Concepts
  17. 00:46:56 – Advice for Visiting Rhukaan Draal
  18. 00:50:25 – Concepts to Explore Further
  19. 00:53:57 – Slavery in Darguun
  20. 00:58:43 – Wrap Up

8 Replies to “Goblinoids”

  1. This has been fantastic.

    Firstly, wasn’t aware of this podcast, now I’ve got a backlog to run through.

    Secondly, I would really appreciate that Dar language guide, because my intention is to run a truncated version of the Legacy of Dhakaan for my group. Currently have a Bugbear Barbarian who is wielding Aram after delving into the ruins of Jhegesh Dol (although I moved the location of it on the pretense that during different moon cycles it itself moves, mirroring the madness of the Daelkyr) Regardless it was a noteworthy session.

    With Aram in hand the group will soon be travelling to Korranberg and will find themselves imprisoned by The Trust for potential crimes against Zilargo. Their prison will be the nearby ruins of Paluur Draal. The Trust is headed by the Daelkyr Lord of Eyes housed in Paluur Draal as a forced “rehabilitation” where they will either submit as good citizens or be driven mad, and the Warforged in our group has the spirit of an ancient gatekeeper dragon within it who has been tasked with finishing the Daelkyr War in a thin attempt to dovetail storylines while I can.

    That being said, the Bugbear will be approached by Chetiin to set the Legacy in motion.

    1. that sounds amazing! if you don’t mind me asking, do you have 5e stats for Aram? I’ve been looking around (due to a player in my group that is in-love with these books) and can’t seem to find any.

  2. I tried very hard to leverage what Keith B. and Don B. have written into my campaign (3.5 leading into Pathfinder 1e), which had a strong Darguun-Dhakaan arc. After a long hiatus, I wanted to reintroduce my players to what had happened, where the PCs were and to provide a lead-in to what I called “Season Four.” I did this with short fiction starring one or two of the PCs, interacting with some of my important NPCs and referencing many prior campaign events and milestones.

    With the demise of the hosting service I had been using for a campaign wiki, I was introduced to the Archive of Our Own, the Hugo-winning volunteer-curated fan fiction side. I’ve been moving, modifying and expanding my earlier stories into AO3, with one featuring Choraan, a member of the Silent Wolves on a mission in Breland. In this work, every speaking role is a Dar.


  3. Loved this Episode! so much info to chew on.. Thank you guys so much for doing this!
    I do have one quick question.. what mounts or beasts of burden do the Goblinoids use?

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