I tried very hard to leverage what Keith B. and Don B. have written into my campaign (3.5 leading into Pathfinder 1e), which had a strong Darguun-Dhakaan arc. After a long hiatus, I wanted to reintroduce my players to what had happened, where the PCs were and to provide a lead-in to what I called “Season Four.” I did this with short fiction starring one or two of the PCs, interacting with some of my important NPCs and referencing many prior campaign events and milestones.

With the demise of the hosting service I had been using for a campaign wiki, I was introduced to the Archive of Our Own, the Hugo-winning volunteer-curated fan fiction side. I’ve been moving, modifying and expanding my earlier stories into AO3, with one featuring Choraan, a member of the Silent Wolves on a mission in Breland. In this work, every speaking role is a Dar.