03 – Dragonmarks and Dragonmarked Houses

Keith, Scott, and Kristian discuss using dragonmarks and the dragonmarked houses in an Eberron game.

  • Clarifying the scope of the show
  • Keith’s articles on dragonmarks
  • Dragonmarks and the Draconic Prophecy
  • History of Dragonmarks
  • Manifesting Marks
  • More than just spell-like abilities
    • Attempts to duplicate dragonmark abilities
    • The role of the Twelve
  • The influence of the guilds
  • Responsibility of having  a dragonmark
  • Shift of power from nations to houses
  • Aberrant marks
  • Pillars of Economy
  • House Tarkanan
  • How GMs can use dragonmarked houses
    • Houses as independent powers
    • Houses as megacorporations
    • Player characters can be a nuetral force
    • Rivalries among and within the houses
    • Powerful organizations not bound by the laws of the nations
    • The Aurum and others hiring PCs
    • Gathering of dragonmarked individuals or houses as a prophetic sign
    • Dragonmarked player characters
    • Using the Mark of Death
    • Unusual marks
    • Starting play with a dragonmark
    • Developing dragonmarks during play
    • Players with aberrant marks
    • Summary of ways GMs can think about the houses
  • Players and dragonmarks
    • Being part of dragonmarked houses without having a dragonmark
    • Reskinning things
    • Enhanced skills from dragonmarks
    • Houses testing for bloodlines
  • Simplify your stories of intrigue
  • Wrap up

Dragonmark Sizes – Keith

Graham asks:

I know you mentioned that a Siberys mark would cover the whole body, but how are are the other types of marks supposed to be?

Keith argues the complexity of the mark vs. the size.

Espionage in Eberron – Scott

From David Mitchell:

Hi guys just wanted to ask a question about how you guys see and use the rivalry between house phiarlan specialising in intelligence with the investigators of house Medani and how they compete with the kings lanterns the zilargo trust, the aurum etc. I love the cold war espionage plot line with the heroes working the different factions or the factions playing them but was curious to know do you have the kings lanterns subcontracting intelligence gathering through phiarlan or the twelve seeking to crush the competition. Or lanterns working with medani operatives to defeat emerald claw interests only to have them change sides another time.

Scott offers a very thorough response.

Enemies of the Dragonmarked Houses – Wayne

Billy Rigby asks:

Dragonmark Houses are powerful, the 12 have a foothold on Khorvaire but who is against them? Who’s the enemy of the 12? It seems like they have no overall threat against them other than each other and other businesses. Do they have an enemy or is it a House by House basis? Is anyone trying to end the Houses and if so, why?

Wayne offers his ideas and suggestions.