04 – Religion

Keith, Kristian, and Wayne discuss religion in the world of Eberron.


  • Dragonshards – Religion in Eberron
  • Dragonmarks 4/11: Religion, Faith and Souls
  • Clergy vs. divinely empowered
  • Religion is about faith; both are subjective
  • Temples are for spiritual guidance, not healing
  • The Sovereign Host
  • The Silver Flame and other ‘forces’
  • Other faiths
  • For GMs
    • What story are you telling?
    • The role of religion in your campaign
    • Just incorporating religions culturally
    • Misusing the Silver Flame
  • For players
    • Faith as a source of divine power
    • Evidence or weakening of faith
    • Dragonmarks 6/18/16: Faith and Wisdom, Arcane and Divine
    • Divine power vs. non-divine religious characters
    • Interacting with established religions
    • Details of religions don’t have to be developed at the start
    • Roles and relationships of religious characters
    • Safely exploring religious issues
  • Easter Egg
  • Wrap up

Paths of Light and Inspiration – Kristian

David Mitchell asks:

Hi guys, I was wondering about how you guys use the paths of light / inspiration. Are they philosophies or religions? Do they have priests or just monks. Could you have clerics for them. How do they differ aesthetically. Are there non quori followers and would you allow a player to play a good follower of the path of inspiration or vice versa. How and when have you guys used these as faiths?

Kristian discusses the two paths as philosophies and faiths.

The Silver Flame and Other Religions – Keith

Kevin asks:

Can a member of the Church of the Silver Flame also be a part of other religions, like the Sovereign Host? I know Tira Miron was a paladin of Dol Arrah, but I cannot find anything that says if or how her faith was changed by it. If it didn’t, has the modern Church doctrine been changed to only allow for exclusive belief in the Silver Flame?

Keith discusses the possibility of crossing faiths.

Ancient Religions – Keith

Brandon asks:

What were the ancient religions of the Dhakaani empire (or, for that matter, the giant empire of Xen’drik)? Would they be variations on the Host and the Six, or an entirely different pantheon?

Keith gives some clarifications regarding ancient religions.