This has been fantastic.

Firstly, wasn’t aware of this podcast, now I’ve got a backlog to run through.

Secondly, I would really appreciate that Dar language guide, because my intention is to run a truncated version of the Legacy of Dhakaan for my group. Currently have a Bugbear Barbarian who is wielding Aram after delving into the ruins of Jhegesh Dol (although I moved the location of it on the pretense that during different moon cycles it itself moves, mirroring the madness of the Daelkyr) Regardless it was a noteworthy session.

With Aram in hand the group will soon be travelling to Korranberg and will find themselves imprisoned by The Trust for potential crimes against Zilargo. Their prison will be the nearby ruins of Paluur Draal. The Trust is headed by the Daelkyr Lord of Eyes housed in Paluur Draal as a forced “rehabilitation” where they will either submit as good citizens or be driven mad, and the Warforged in our group has the spirit of an ancient gatekeeper dragon within it who has been tasked with finishing the Daelkyr War in a thin attempt to dovetail storylines while I can.

That being said, the Bugbear will be approached by Chetiin to set the Legacy in motion.