The Eldeen Reaches

Keith, Wayne, Kristian, and their new co-host, Imogen Gingell venture into the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches.

Time Markers

  1. 00:00:00 – Introduction
  2. 00:00:13 – New Co-host: Imogen Gingell!
  3. 00:03:16 – Readings:
  4. 00:04:02 – Druidic Magic as an Adopted Cultural Tool
  5. 00:07:30 – Who Signed the Treaty of Thronehold on Behalf of Oalian
  6. 00:09:59 – Oalian and the Wardens of the Wood
  7. 00:11:10 – New Chapter
  8. 00:12:13 – Druid-like Communities and Characters
  9. 00:15:04 – Leveraging the Wardens of the Wood
  10. 00:18:26 – Wardens are the Protective Barrier between the Wild and the People
  11. 00:20:11 – The Dangers of the Eldeen Reaches
  12. 00:24:01 – Range of Adventures in the Eldeen Reaches
  13. 00:28:23 – Fey and the Greensingers
  14. 00:30:32 – Manifest Zones and Powerful Threats
  15. 00:34:28 – The Conflict with Aundair
  16. 00:38:00 – Character’s Views on Aundair
  17. 00:40:44 – Opportunities for House Vadalis
  18. 00:43:01 – Archetypes of the Eldeen
  19. 00:46:18 – How Did the Secession Affect You?
  20. 00:46:52 – Characters Touched by the Fey
  21. 00:47:39 – Concept: Lost Soldiers Emerging into a Changed World
  22. 00:49:05 – Change Happens
  23. 00:50:01 – Special Announcement
  24. 00:55:56 – Wrap Up

6 Replies to “The Eldeen Reaches”

  1. It takes a lot for me to tear up, but I’ve been eagerly listening to all of the MZ episodes for the last two months, and hearing of your departure from this wonderful show really got to me. This podcast has inspired me as a player of games and as a storyteller in general. Through Manifest Zone I’ve been given the encouragement to launch my own Eberron game, and so I thank you Kristian, for your warm voice and welcoming presence. I wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you, Nathan! That means a lot to me. I’m very proud of the work we did on this show together, and it feels so good to hear how much we help and inspire individuals like you in this community.

    2. Thank you so much Kristian. This podcast has helped me shape my Eberron. Thank you again. The best of luck to you in all your endeavors.

      1. Thank you, Robert! I’m so happy that this podcast has helped you (and many others) shape your Eberron. I’m sure it’ll continue to do so with many more episodes in the future.

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