Warforged Warlock – Kristian

Jeremiah asks:

I listened to the most recent episode on warforged. Warforged are probably my favorite D&D race ever, and I pretty much play one whenever the DM lets me. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on warforged wizards and sorcerers. I was wondering, in particular, what types of entities would a warforged warlock likely make a pact with.

Kristian answers with some additional contributions from Keith and Wayne.

Also, DND Beyond coincidentally posted a video of Mike Mearls discussing the Warlock’s relationship to their patrons.

07 – Warforged

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian discuss warforged (and how they’re not robots).


  • Introduction
  • Articles
  • What are warforged?
    • Culture
    • Psychology
    • Alignment
  • For GMs
    • Living reminders and really dangerous
    • Extremist Lord of Blades followers
    • Players against warforged
    • Interactions with local communities
    • Non-distinctive appearance
    • Religion and purpose of self
    • Warforged variants
    • Ideas regarding warforged souls
    • Consider character origins
  • For Players
    • Self exploration
    • Classes other than fighter
    • What do you want as a warforged?
    • How do you view death?
    • Do you identify with other warforged?

06 – Elves

Keith and Kristian discuss the Aereni, Tairnadal, and Valenar elves of Eberron.