The Treaty of Thronehold

Keith and Kristian examine the Treaty of Thronehold, how it has shaped the continent of Khorvaire, and what effects it can have in your campaign.

  1. 00:00:00 – Introduction
  2. 00:00:34 – Readings?
  3. 00:01:39 – Two Years before and after the Signing
  4. 00:03:48 – New Nations and Shifted Borders
  5. 00:09:52 – From Galifar to the Current Map
  6. 00:14:40 – Galifar Code of Justice
  7. 00:19:46 – Warforged as Citizens
  8. 00:29:05 – Adhering to the Code of Galifar
  9. 00:32:49 – Sentinel Marshals as Enforcers
  10. 00:38:29 – Sidenote: Reinforcing the Treaty of Thronehold
  11. 00:38:55 – Difference between Sentinel Marshal and Tharashk Bounty Hunter
  12. 00:39:56 – Who Enforces the Treaty?
  13. 00:42:05 – The Nations Still Figuring It Out
  14. 00:44:08 – The Cold War and Adventuring Risks
  15. 00:48:07 – How Much Weight Does It Carry in Your Campaign?
  16. 00:50:14 – Warforged Breaking Indentured Servitude
  17. 00:52:16 – Losses and Gains from the Treaty
  18. 00:56:46 – Wrapping Up

    2 Replies to “The Treaty of Thronehold”

    1. I made repairing the White Arch Bridge a peace project between all the Thronehold Nations and every Dragonmarked House codified in the Treaty. This gets done in one year, as all of the new inventions and minds honed by war came together to literally rejoin Khorvaire.

      Then, I ran a higher level, evil one-shot that takes place on the maiden crossing exactly one year after the signing of the treaty. It was a high stakes train heist that ends with the lightening rail exploding and breaking the bridge again. Oh, also the VIP caboose was filled with the various project managers and mage-engineers that built the thing.

      This sets up the normal “good campaign” on 1Zan998YK with the bridge on the map just a broken as normal, but now there’s context why that the players got to take part in as the bad guys that now have made enemies of everyone. I ended up using House Tarkanan as the perps, figure they’re already underground and I can hide their agents (and possibly some of the surviving heist members) where-ever as the aberrant marks can appear on anyone.

    2. Any chance we could get examples of some of the Signatories of the Treaty? Who signed on behalf of the Reaches, for example…

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