02 – The Last War

The hosts discuss The Last War and the significant impact it had on the continent of Khorvaire as well as how it might influence the characters within the world.


  • What Is the Last War?
    • Innovations of the Last War
    • Shift of power toward Dragonmarked Houses
    • Warforged as living reminders
    • Warforged finding a place in the world
    • New nations of Khorvaire
    • Droaam not officially recognized
  • The Impact on PCs
    • Psychological and physical wounds (Flaws, Hindrances, etc.)
    • Understanding trauma
    • Interludes and flashbacks
    • ‘Sibling rivalry’ among veterans
  • Using the Last War as a GM
    • Campaigns during the Last War
    • The Mournland as a new nation of warforged
    • Cyran refugees
    • Exploring racial and national tensions
    • Former enemies
    • War-torn landscape

Other Systems for Eberron – Scott

Scott shares his thoughts and experiences regarding other systems for Eberron.


Pronunciations for the Five Nations – Keith

Keith answers the following question:

Could we get a walkthrough on how to pronounce each of the Five Nations? Karrnath seems pretty straightforward, but I’ve heard Cyre half a dozen ways (I’m partial to “sigh-err” myself) and Breland seems to have an emphasis problem (is it BREE-land or Brehl-und?)