3 Replies to “Dragon Con 2017 – Running Eberron for a Con Game”

  1. antoniorossetti says:

    Great show and a lot of interesting ideas on approaching One-Shots (I love alternating long-adventures with short and intense games).
    Keith refers some Charity Celebrity Games (or something similar). Are these game available on YouTube or podcast? Thanks!

  2. Aahhz says:

    Are the Adventures Keith mentioned (One Night in Graywall, Penance, The A-Team) available anywhere? Perhaps with a donation to a charity?

  3. Wayne Buschmeyer says:

    Loving this show another great episode as always. Like the other comments said is there any way of getting the adventures that Keith mentioned. I found the old charity streams but they’re no longer accepting donations that I can tell. Any information would be greatly appreciated thanks for making such a great show!

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