Other Systems for Eberron – Kristian

From Keftiu:

What systems other than D&D have you ran or suggest running Eberron in? I’ve personally done it in Fate Core and have thought about building some sort of GUMSHOE hack, but would love to hear your ideas.

Kristian offers his obvious favorite and shares a few others.


Introducing Our Q&A Segment, The Speaking Stone

As a means to address your questions without taking away from the time we have during episodes, but also giving you more Eberron stuff to listen to between episodes, we’re creating a separate segment called The Speaking Stone which will be included in the podcast feed.

You can submit your questions related to our discussions via our Speaking Stone form, which will add it to our queue. We’ll try to answer as many as we feasibly can, and it’s entirely possible for more than one of us responding with a clip.

Please note that we are specifically answering question related to topics we’ve covered in an episode. Questions related to specific rule mechanics or how to use a particular class in the setting would not qualify, nor would questions related to topics we haven’t covered yet.

01 – Introductions

The cast introduces themselves and discusses what defines Eberron as a setting, what it has to offer GMs, and what expectations players should have.

Time Markers

  1. 00:00:00 – Introductions
  2. 00:01:05 – Keith’s Background
  3. 00:02:19 – Wayne’s Background
  4. 00:03:22 – Scott’s Background
  5. 00:04:32 – Kristian’s Background
  6. 00:06:18 – Keith Wants to Do More with Eberron
  7. 00:08:12 – Origins of Manifest Zone
  8. 00:08:58 – Scope of the Show
  9. 00:09:31 – Topic: What Makes Eberron Unique
  10. 00:14:02The Design of Gnomes in Eberron
  11. 00:16:27 – Exploring Real World Issues with Magic as Technology
  12. 00:17:23 – Dragonmarked House, Magical Economy, and Corporate Power
  13. 00:18:53 – Eberron as a Versatile, Cross-genre Setting
  14. 00:20:22 – Keith’s ‘Lost’ Campaign Set in Lammania
  15. 00:23:56 – Eberron as a Sandbox Setting
  16. 00:28:17 – Inspiration vs. Canon and Metaplot
  17. 00:33:27 – PCs As Most Powerful Characters in the Setting
  18. 00:39:05 – What Eberron Is Not
  19. 00:42:00 – Magic as Technology
  20. 00:43:20 – Magic as Industry
  21. 00:44:02 – Dragonmarks Are about Focus Items
  22. 00:45:15 – What Is an Eberron Campaign?
  23. 00:45:37 – Setting Player Expectations
  24. 00:46:30 – Failure Can Be a Part of the Story
  25. 00:49:21 – Moving among Cross-genre Stories
  26. 00:53:57 – Fail Forward Mechanics [Beginning of Audio Glitches]
  27. 00:55:37 – The GM Is a Story Facilitator, Not the Enemy
  28. 00:58:29 – Closing

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