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  1. Steven Watkins says:

    I’m excited about Eberron in Dungeon World, and I ran a number of sessions (10-20) of Eberron in DW.
    I hit the links, and found the same info I used during my DW game, but the Character Sheets in the above link (not the Racial sheets) are empty.
    Can you post a link to the Character sheets?



  2. Scott W says:

    Awesome, thanks for listening! The Character sheets were always blank, not sure what the original author intended to do with them. We used the DW playbooks+the racial ones+the spy for our Inquisitive.

  3. Steven Watkins says:

    That’s strange. I’ve seen playbooks that are like the regular DW playbooks, but they include race options for Eberron.
    For example, the Fighter provides an option to be a shifter or warforged. I can’t find them with Google anymore.
    Have you seen these playbooks?

    1. Scott W says:

      I’ve not found them either. I just took the primary move from the races and used that as the recital move for the other playbooks. A changeling changes for instance.

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