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  1. Hi,
    I’m excited about Eberron in Dungeon World, and I ran a number of sessions (10-20) of Eberron in DW.
    I hit the links, and found the same info I used during my DW game, but the Character Sheets in the above link (not the Racial sheets) are empty.
    Can you post a link to the Character sheets?



  2. Awesome, thanks for listening! The Character sheets were always blank, not sure what the original author intended to do with them. We used the DW playbooks+the racial ones+the spy for our Inquisitive.

  3. That’s strange. I’ve seen playbooks that are like the regular DW playbooks, but they include race options for Eberron.
    For example, the Fighter provides an option to be a shifter or warforged. I can’t find them with Google anymore.
    Have you seen these playbooks?

    1. I’ve not found them either. I just took the primary move from the races and used that as the recital move for the other playbooks. A changeling changes for instance.

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