KB Presents: Project “Raptor”

What is Project “Raptor?” Without any inside knowledge of their own, Scott and Kristian get to interview Keith about his newest Eberron-related project. Get all the details–or as many as Keith is willing to share as of this recording–about this newly announced product.

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  1. Oops, accidentally hit “send” too soon. Not sure if you can edit these, or how to do so.

    Listening to this in the far of future of October 2020; Exploring Eberron may be the best long format setting book I’ve read. The ECS and Rising from the Last War are excellent, superb examples of the genre, but Exploring Eberron is just perfect. It is readable cover-to-cover, organized in a sensible way, and each entry is focused on how a player or GM might use it. I found inspiration on every page, and it manages to present deep setting details, especially aspects of everyday life, without getting lost in the weeds and still primarily supporting Eberron pulp adventure.

    It also has the underwater kingdoms, and artificer subclass Keith isn’t sure that the final book would have, in this episode.

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