05 – Daelkyr and Cults of the Dragon Below

Keith, Wayne, Kristian, and Scott discuss the Daelkyr and cults of the Dragon Below.


  • Introduction
    • Dragonmarks: The Daelkyr and their Cults
    • Comparing to Lovecraft and Far Realms
    • Xoriat
    • Random detail: mind flayers
    • Daelkyr
    • Good starting villains
    • Each daelkyr lord has unique powers
    • Cults of the Dragon Below are unique
    • Why do people join a cult of the Dragon Below?
  • For GMs
    • Incomprehensible plans as an advantage for GMs
    • Daelkyr as hackers or masterminds that tinker
    • Strange effects on PCs as story elements
    • Granting PCs abilities or powers with consequences
    • Example adventure plot
    • Gate seals in various forms for plot
    • Create new monsters
    • Cults don’t have to be evil
    • Different domains for each cult
    • Madness mechanics in 5e and other systems
    • Symbionts as treasure
    • Organic docents that attach to living beings
  • For Players
    • Presume you don’t know; give GMs breathing room
    • Think about your character’s experience
    • Be comfortable with running away
    • Take new flaws or hindrances
    • Mutation Deck for Savage Worlds
    • Develop the world around your PC; friends, family, and community

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