03 – Dragonmarks and Dragonmarked Houses

Keith, Scott, and Kristian discuss using dragonmarks and the dragonmarked houses in an Eberron game.


  • Clarifying the scope of the show
  • Keith’s articles on dragonmarks
  • Dragonmarks and the Draconic Prophecy
  • History of Dragonmarks
  • Manifesting Marks
  • More than just spell-like abilities
    • Attempts to duplicate dragonmark abilities
    • The role of the Twelve
  • The influence of the guilds
  • Responsibility of having  a dragonmark
  • Shift of power from nations to houses
  • Aberrant marks
  • Pillars of Economy
  • House Tarkanan
  • How GMs can use dragonmarked houses
    • Houses as independent powers
    • Houses as megacorporations
    • Player characters can be a nuetral force
    • Rivalries among and within the houses
    • Powerful organizations not bound by the laws of the nations
    • The Aurum and others hiring PCs
    • Gathering of dragonmarked individuals or houses as a prophetic sign
    • Dragonmarked player characters
    • Using the Mark of Death
    • Unusual marks
    • Starting play with a dragonmark
    • Developing dragonmarks during play
    • Players with aberrant marks
    • Summary of ways GMs can think about the houses
  • Players and dragonmarks
    • Being part of dragonmarked houses without having a dragonmark
    • Reskinning things
    • Enhanced skills from dragonmarks
    • Houses testing for bloodlines
  • Simplify your stories of intrigue
  • Wrap up

Darguun and Valenar at the End of the Last War

Graham asks:

How was it that Darguun and Valenar were not given to the Cyran refugees?

Keith answers with a collection of reasons.

Neutrality of Dragonmarked Houses in the Last War – Scott

Scott chimes in with his answer to Gil’s question regarding the Neutrality of the Dragonmarked Houses during the Last War.