One time on a Breland to Karrnath lightning rail trip I did drop in a Murder on the Orien Express bit, only to have it turn out that some guy had stabbed another passenger in the casino car in front of several reliable witnesses and the murderer was drunkenly sobbing in the corner begging the gods for forgiveness.

This was just for personal amusement of course, and I did drop on them an attack by Talenta Halfling mercenaries (lifted from Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade) and a battle on the side of a glyph encrusted monolith someone had brought back from Xen’drik (lifted from a dungeon magazine from the paper era, I think it was called “Riding the rails” or something) so I hope they didn’t feel too cheated.

Since I was running it on Roll20 and wanted to make each carriage look at least somewhat different, I decided that each lightning rail carriage had a different name (as you’d get on ships) and in this case I went with naming them by colours. Royal Violet for the super-luxury personal carriage, Crimson Clover for the Casino, Green Peace for one of the passenger cars and Silver Service for the communal dining car.