Thanks heaps for this podcast – really enjoying it so far 🙂 (though, I’m running a little behind 😉 )

Really love the span of the Last War. “The Forge of War” was mentioned, and the comment that you could do an entire podcast about it was made. Please do! I did enjoy that book, but would love to hear your views on it, too, and further background / changes you’d make in your own campaigns.

I did run a campaign spanning the Last War back in the 3e days; I took my players (who were all mostly new to the Eberron setting) through key points in the war, with the occasional time-montage or ‘locked in a stasis bubble’ to get through all the many decades. Ended up with them possibly redirecting, possibly causing, or possibly limiting the Cyre disaster. (That is, even after they completed the adventure, they weren’t sure if they caused the Mourning, if they limited it, or if they redirected it. Or, I guess, if they had anything to do with it at all!) That felt like an appropriate way to tidy up the history lesson 😀

Anyway, thanks again for the podcast, and I look forward to listening to much more!